I have been so blessed and grateful for the opportunity to be the lead instructor for a 200 hours yoga teacher training and to create Choose2be yoga school. It has been amazing to spend 8 weekends with these 12 beautiful beings, like Jana, and also incredible to have 15 different instructors to come lead part of the training. It was alreadyIt has been a really rich and amazing journey in so many different ways. This Spring 2019 YTT was the second YTT that Choose2be had offered and had already improved so much from Spring 2018 YTT. Stay tune to see the headline and details from Spring 2020 YTT.

Part of the participants homework was to write an essay on the topic of their choice and they were aware that I would be posting it on my website. We also did an exercise in the first weekend to create a life affirmation and core desire feeling, I invited them to share it with us. I am so humbled and touched that I got to support these amazing beings on part of their journey and I am looking forward to witness how life unfolds for them.

Jana Core desire Feelings: Love, Happiness, Peacefulness

Jana Mantra: I am the sun bright rays who light can help you find your way.

How I let Spirituality and Yoga into my life

Spirituality was never my jam. I grew up as a Jehovah’s Witness. My dad is still a Jehovah’s Witness and so is his wife. They go to all the meetings at their church and have dedicated their lives to God. Jehovah is life! Personally, I found too many discrepancies within the religion to really appreciate it. I had unanswered questions all the time, so I peaced out. I turned my back on God. My dad still hasn’t forgiven me to this day. Oh well. That’s on him. I’ve forgiven myself, and I forgive him. He doesn’t know any better. His religion is all he knows. And it makes him happy. I’d be wasting my energy if I sat here all bitter because my dad chose his religion, over me, his own flesh and blood. I can’t change him. What I can change is my perception, and my feelings on the matter. I can choose to not be hurt. So that’s what I’m doing. I’m choosing happiness. I finally figured this whole ‘choosing your happiness’ thing out last year. I’m 42. I feel like this is something people need to be learning right from birth. The sooner people realize you can choose your perception on everything, and that everyone has a different perception on things, the sooner everyone will just chill. It took a breakup for me to be snapped into this reality. My fiance dumped me. I was not a happy camper. This is when one of my co-workers introduced me to Buddhism. I went to some gatherings and I started reading about Buddhism, chanting, I got prayer beads, a Gohonzen, and a butsudan to put my scroll in. I love the Buddhist beliefs. They make sense. Find the positive in every situation. Learn something from all your experiences, good and bad. What’s not to love??? This makes so much sense. Buddhism came when I needed it the most, and it totally helped me get through getting dumped.

I’m spiritual. I never thought this would actually happen. I have a belief.
Maybe you’re wondering where yoga comes into all this. Well wait not further! Here it is. I saw an app on Facebook. It had a free seven day trial. I clicked on it. I used my free seven day trial and ended up buying the $60 app because I loved it so much.
I never used to love yoga either. It was right up there with the JW religion. I went to a couple classes and pretty much fell on my face the entire time. I also couldn’t wait for the class to be over. I did not have the time of my life. So I really have no idea why I bought this app. I don’t usually purchase apps either. So paying $60 for an app that is all yoga, YOGA, is totally out of the norm for me. I hated yoga…so I thought.

Turns out I love yoga. And the more I learn about yoga, the more I notice how it relates to Buddhism, and spirituality in general. Both yoga and Buddhism can involve chanting and meditation, and both require dedication. I personally notice a big difference in my day when I wake up early, chant and do yoga. I feel more Zen. I start off the day in peace, and that feeling follows me throughout the entire day. This is how I absolutely love starting my day. I never thought I’d be a morning person either. Haha.

The more I keep practicing yoga and dedicating myself to my spirituality, the better life seems all around. Other peoples behaviour doesn’t bother me. I feel more compassion towards others. I feel like I’m a better parent. I’m more patient. Other people have even noticed a difference in me. There has been nothing but benefits. I feel like I’ve figured out the key to happiness.


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