I have been so blessed and grateful for the opportunity to be the lead instructor for a 200 hours yoga teacher training and to create Choose2be yoga school. It has been amazing to spend 8 weekends with these 12 beautiful beings, like Melissa, and also incredible to have 15 different instructors to come lead part of the training. It was alreadyIt has been a really rich and amazing journey in so many different ways. This Spring 2019 YTT was the second YTT that Choose2be had offered and had already improved so much from Spring 2018 YTT. Stay tune to see the headline and details from Spring 2020 YTT.

Part of the participants homework was to write an essay on the topic of their choice and they were aware that I would be posting it on my website. We also did an exercise in the first weekend to create a life affirmation and core desire feeling, I invited them to share it with us. I am so humbled and touched that I got to support these amazing beings on part of their journey and I am looking forward to witness how life unfolds for them.

Melissa mantra: I am the moon who’s illuminating glow radiates love for all <3
Melissa Core Desire Feelings: Abundant, Divinely Feminine, Sovereign

The Healing Power of Sound

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Sound healing is becoming an ever-increasing go to for healing the body, mind and soul in western culture. It can be attained through various techniques and technologies by using the human voice and or objects that resonate to stimulate healing, thus making this beautiful therapy that is accessible for everyone. Sound Healing is founded on the premise that all matter is vibrating at specific frequencies. Science has proven that sound, or vibration, has a strong impact upon substances. Due to the Law of Physics- Everything Vibrates, the umbrella of types of sound healing is rather large, below are a few of the most common forms of sound healing and the benefits of each;


Research shows that chanting can stabilize heart rate, lower blood pressure, improve circulation, produce endorphins and aid the process of metabolism. Chanting can also help the mind focus, which alleviates stress levels. For example, repeating the syllable “om,” considered one of the most important mantras in yoga, is said to foster a deep mental clarity and promote a sense of connectedness with a higher power.


Recent research reviews indicate that drumming accelerates physical healing, boosts the immune system and produces feelings of well-being, a release of emotional trauma, and reintegration of self. Shamanic drumming is known to take people into altered states of consciousness.

Singing Bowls:

Whether metal or quartz crystal, a singing bowl sings when you run a felt-tipped mallet around its edge. Along with rhythms produced by striking the edge of the bowl, the vibrations and tones slow down breathing, brain waves and heart rates, producing a deep sense of calm and well-being.


Humming not only lifts your spirits, it clears your head. According to a study conducted by Swedish researcher and published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, humming may actually help keep your sinuses clear and healthy.

Tuning Forks:

Originally used to tune musical instruments to the proper pitch, tuning forks have long been used by orthopedists to detect stress fractures in large bones. Now, sound therapists use the vibrations of tuning forks to increase the amount of energy in parts of the body they are trying to heal or energize. These good vibes can support relaxation, balance our nervous systems and increase physical energy.


The vibrational sounds of natures, such as the leaves rustling in the wind, the birds singing in the trees or the distance sound of rushing river are being proven to decrease the body’s sympathetic response and increase the parasympathetic response.

Although modern day science is just starting to scientifically prove the benefits of sound healing, it has been known for many centuries in our ancient civilizations and cultures the importance and sacredness of sound vibrations. The Ancient Egyptians used vowel sound chants in healing, as they believed vowels were sacred. Their priestesses also used musical instruments and presided over healing chapels. The aboriginal people of Australia used an instrument called “didgeridoo” that has been used as a healing tool for at least 40,000 years. The Aborigines uses it to heal broken bones, muscle tears and illness of every kind. In yogic traditions with the use of “bija” which relates to mystical “seed syllables” contained within mantras. Tibetans are also well-known for the use of their healing singing bowls, considered “a symbol of the unknowable” whose “vibrations have been described as the sound of the universe manifesting”.

Today, sound healing is increasingly embraced as the oldest and most gentle method of healing that exists. With modern science we can use right frequencies in the right combinations to achieve effective form of treatment for a number of common disorders such as; insomnia, stress, attention deficit disorder, various immune system issues and emotional disorders to list a few. As we look to the future of sound therapy, we can apply the past traditional knowledge and bridge it with the current advancements in technology to create a profound healing experience for the mind, body, and soul.






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