I have been so blessed and grateful for the opportunity to be the lead instructor for a 200 hours yoga teacher training and to create Choose2be yoga school. It has been amazing to spend 8 weekends with these 12 beautiful beings, like Yi-Shan, and also incredible to have 15 different instructors to come lead part of the training. It was alreadyIt has been a really rich and amazing journey in so many different ways. This Spring 2019 YTT was the second YTT that Choose2be had offered and had already improved so much from Spring 2018 YTT. Stay tune to see the headline and details from Spring 2020 YTT.

Part of the participants homework was to write an essay on the topic of their choice and they were aware that I would be posting it on my website. We also did an exercise in the first weekend to create a life affirmation and core desire feeling, I invited them to share it with us. I am so humbled and touched that I got to support these amazing beings on part of their journey and I am looking forward to witness how life unfolds for them.

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I am the luminous moon reflecting other’s light to guide them home to love.
Yi-Shan Core Desire Feelings :
Cheerful, Powerful, and Loving.
The imprint of this life and past life is finally free from pain, from Yi-Shan.
From delusion lead me to Truth. From darkness lead me to Light. From death lead me to immortality.— The Brihadaranyaka, Upanishad
The ancient sages understood that the mind was within our so-called psychological layer (manomaya kosha), which holds imprints from previous incarnations and will imprint on subsequent incarnations. It is believed that all kinds of encounters in this life are the fruits of the past life. Through the practice of yoga, one cultivates the body and mind and becomes aware of ones true self as different from ones karma (cause and effect) and thus will abandon this imprint.  The mind becomes pure and thus no longer creates cause and effect and reincarnation comes to an end.

Yoga brings harmony in life and peace of mind. Shariri (the soul) is master of the body and sharira (the body) is the temple of the soul. Yoga advocates healthy vegetarian food and exercises (method of postures called asana). Asana postures are based on and accomplished by the strength and health of the body. The breathing practice (Pranayama) of the physical body influences the spiritual body. Breathing meditation can calm down the mind, get rid of the shackles of the senses, control the energy of life and ultimately concentrate the mind.
Before joining YTT, apart from being alone, there was probably no easy way to face friends around me. My mind and body were always in a state of tension and cautiousness. However, throughout this eight-week course, I learned the techniques of relaxation and healing (breathing and meditation). Yoga is not limited to the classroom. I can practice yoga outside the yoga mat. Yoga becomes part of my life. It is implemented in every breath, every heart and mind.
Unconditional love and eternal happiness
Love is a state of Being. Your love is not outside; it is deep within you.
 — Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now
In a lifetime, you may not be able to end up without twists and turns. Although yoga is not a cure for illness, yoga adapts body and mind to allow you to ride through low point of your life. Yoga helps reinforce self-identity and unconditional love, Thus, it helps one find peace in body and mind, achieving eternal happiness.


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