Did you know that CanfitPro has a business reward membership program, also call BRM? This is such a great opportunity for businesses that are looking to certify fitness professionals. It allows a host facility to provide discounts on CanfitPro certification courses and much more. Keep on reading to learn more…

On top of providing you, the BRM holder, free access to all of our events you will also be given a discount code that you can provide to anyone in your social group (friends, family, employees, members, etc). The discount code gives each participant 10% off (roughly $60). The BRM agreement also give you ONE free registration PER COURSE run at your host facility.

So, for example, if Veronique were to run a course at your facility with 10 registrants; 9 of them would get 10% off and one of them would get the full certification for free.  Again, in each course that is run at your facility, one free registration is awarded for being a BRM holder.

The annual fee is $299, which kind of makes it a no brainer considering our certifications are in the $500-$600 range depending on when you sign up.

Now you might be wondering how can I become a BRM holder? I just need to be able to provide a space to host a certification, either a Personal Training Specialist (PTS) or Fitness Instructor Specialist (FIS) certification. The host facility space would need to be big enough for 5-10 participants, with desks, chairs, bathroom and a projector to show Powerpoint presentations. Ideally it would also be big enough to move around, demonstrate exercises, have the participants being able to practice aerobic routines, strength training movements and stretches.

Both PTS and FIS certifications are 25 hours of mainly lectures and some practice, plus a 2.5 hours exam for FIS and a 3 hours exam for PTS. It is up to the Pro Trainer and the facility to put a schedule that can work for both of them. Usually the certifications are held over a full intensive weekend or over 2 weekends. It is even possible to do it over a few evenings which might take a bit longer to cover the 25 hours of material. Then you need to allow 2-3 weeks for participants to review and study at home before the exam.

I hope this helps! Feel free to get back to me with any questions you may have 😊

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