I have been so blessed and grateful for the opportunity to be the lead instructor for a 200 hours yoga teacher training and to create Choose2be yoga school. It has been amazing to spend 8 weekends with these 7 beautiful women, like Courtney, and also incredible to have 11 different instructors to come lead part of the training. I am hoping that this will be the first of many yoga teacher training sessions and I am already starting to plan and dream of the next one ! It has been a really rich and amazing journey in so many different ways.

Part of the participants homework was to write an essay on the topic of their choice and they were aware that I would be posting it on my website. We also did an exercise in the first weekend to create a life affirmation and core desire feeling , I also invited them to share it with us. I am so humbled and touched that I got to support these amazing beings on part of their journey and I am looking forward to witness how life unfolds for them.

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My affirmation: I am the cottoncandy-like cloud whose confidence and elegance dances in the night sky.
Core desire feelings: expressive, mesmerizing, vivacious.

Being 19 years old, there’s a lot I could say I’d like to deepen in my practice. Week 6 of this program has sparked my curiosity in Kundalini yoga and Tantra yoga and I would in the future maybe attend some classes. In addition to this program I might possibly even look into online modules on those. I also mentioned to everyone that I was thinking about teaching prenatal yoga. I have looked into online teacher training for that and, in addition to this program, was thinking of doing that.
A few weeks ago, it was mentioned that working on your physical voice helps with confidence and such. There are some voice exercises and things theatre actors do that I’ve made note of in the manual. My boyfriend and I are planning to do some of those together (he’s an actor and director). There’s also some that he wants to show me that he learned over the years he’s been in theatre. I’d love to also do my yoga and meditation with him. But finding the time and space is difficult. We need to move out of our parents’ places first (aiming to this summer) and then we can have our own place with a sacred space for meditating, and decorate that with Buddha and singing bowls and crystals.
Another thing I’d also love to deepen in my practice that maybe isn’t so much yoga is my witchyness/psychic abilities. We haven’t touched on this in class much but all things paranormal are so amazing to me and in order to experience that more I’m working on being open and not afraid. Fear is usually what stops us from seeing our spirit guides and spirits of love and light because they know when you’re afraid and they don’t wish to scare you. If a spirit hangs around and you’re afraid, it most likely isn’t one of love and light. But ya, I am extremely and forever fascinated by witchcraft and all things paranormal.
In conclusion, that is a glimpse of where I could see my practice going. I’ve met so many amazing people throughout this program. Thank you and Namaste!


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