Over the year I have taken many certifications including; Coach Export, Canadian Fitness Knowledge, Human Kinetic, Medical Exercise Specialist, YMCA and Can Fit Pro, to name a few courses. I am now super excited to be a Pro Trainer with Can Fit Pro and to be able to get other passionate people certified and help others transform their lives.

Can Fit Pro is really well known back East but not as well known out here on the West coast. Most people that I know are certified under BCRPA and I think its just because a lot of people don’t know the difference between the different certifications available.

I want to clarify with you how BCRPA and Can Fit Pro certification work, so you will be able to choose the certification that suits your needs.

Can Fit Pro certification is run by PRO TRAINERS, like me, that are under the Can Fit Pro brand. BCRPA is a nationally recognized governing-body which works by accrediting fitness leaders who take Fitness Certification courses taught by the professional trainers of independent companies. One example of this is Body Blueprint Fitness Education, a family-owned business run by professional Personal Trainers, Group Fitness and Aqua Fitness Instructors, and health practitioners. Body Blueprint instructs the courses, training people to become certified in the fitness modality of their choice, and then BCRPA offers the certification-exams which will provide the trainer with a membership into BCRPA. Body Blueprint also offers many courses approved by canfitpro, Alberta Fitness Leader Certification Association, and others.

The biggest selling points to Can Fit Pro are;

    • it’s recognized across Canada and Internationally
    • There is a short and simple process to completion: 25 hours of in class course, plus an exam
    • An affordable cost: Early Bird member rate for FIS is $509 which includes course + books + written exam + practical exam. ZIN member can have a discount and student memberships are $58 instead of $98.
    • There are Conferences on a yearly basis, in each province in Canada, that offer great opportunities for learning and get your CEC.
    • As a member Can Fit Pro send you a magazine four times year full of useful information.
  • They are also a much larger provider of CEC programs.

BCRPA certification is broken down into several steps;

    1.  Take the Fitness Theory Course
    2. Create an Account on “The Registry”
    3. Pass BCRPA’s Fitness Theory Exam ($110)
    4. Obtain First Aid and CPR
    5. Register with BCRPA for Fitness Theory ($99)
    6. Choose Specialty Module (which would be Group Fitness) -With Body Blueprint, this course can be done online ($259) or in person ($329). however like I said BODY Blueprint requires the Fitness Theory to be taken prior to this course (prerequisites attached to this email).
    7. Complete 8 hours Practicum over time
    8. Complete Practice Exam  (ICE = Instructor Competency Evaluation)
    9. Register everything with BCRPA and become certified
TOTAL cost $823 depending with who you do the course with. As I mentioned  above; BCRPA outsources their courses to independent contractors that set their price and certain prerequisites.  Breakdown of total price: $359 (Fitness Theory optional prerequisite) + $110 (BCRPA Fitness Theory exam) + ($99 Fitness Theory registration) + $259 (Group Fitness Course)  plus ICE fee (varies)

I hope that this will help you make a  choice regarding which certification you should go with. Don’t hesitate to ask me more questions. I am looking forward to helping you on your journey to become a Fitness Instructor Specialist. For more information, make sure to check this page: https://choose2be.ca/fitness-instructor-specialist-certification/