Why do I want to feature an inspirational person in my newsletter?

I want to feature people like Liz who have crossed my path and touched my life, inspiring me toward greatness. Too many of us fail to see greatness in ourselves. Somehow, it doesn’t seem to matter what we have achieved; we often need others to point out to us how we excel. People display “greatness” by their attitude, their lifestyle, their choices, their actions… I want to recognize the people in my life who lead by example.


How did I meet Liz?

I met Liz while teaching group classes on Gabriola Island. She committed and came to classes twice a week. I have been amaze by her discipline and desire to learn. This is the way she describe herself on her website: “I am a mother of three children, a teacher of students with a variety of special needs for over 28 years, a Nanaimo school district counsellor for 5 years, as well as an art therapist and photographer. ” If you want to know more about Liz, check her website by clicking here, she offer Art Therapy.

Meet Liz McKnight

What motivate you to exercise?
Keeping mobile as I age, so I can continue to enjoy walking and gardening. Maintaining my bone and muscle strength 🙂

What activity/workout do you prefer?
Tabata and using weights and small equipment (with your guidance). Not keen on the cardio (gives me more broken veins on my face :P)

What is your biggest accomplishment?
Raising 3 beautiful people and becoming an art therapist.

What is you superpower?

What is your favorite dish/recipe?
Salad and/or soup  of any variety

What is your cheat treat?
Raisin scones

What are your goal and dreams?
To be fit and happy to enjoy lief for many years with my hubby. To continue to travel with him and see my kids and twin sister as often as possible.

Advice for a newbie?
Just do it – and keep it up. Enjoying the support of a group. Feeling my increased strength is motivating.

Testimonial from Liz: “I joined Veronique’s Bootcamp, Cardio Blast and Body Sculpt, classes a year ago and I am still going! I find her classes varied, interesting, fun, challenging and educational. Vero is a happy light at the front of the class, watching our form, teaching us about our muscles and posture. She encourages us to really challenge ourselves at our level ( the first time in my life I’ve needed a sweat towel!) I am semi-retired and at my strongest in many years. Vero has inspired me to do tabata routines at home too, to keep up the good work between classes.”