Why do I want to feature an inspirational person in my newsletter?

I want to feature people like Dominique who have crossed my path and touched my life, inspiring me toward greatness. Too many of us fail to see greatness in ourselves. Somehow, it doesn’t seem to matter what we have achieved; we often need others to point out to us how we excel. People display “greatness” by their attitude, their lifestyle, their choices, their actions… I want to recognize the people in my life who lead by example.

How did I meet Dominique?

I’ve met Dominique through the Athletic Club in Nanaimo. She had just moved from Quebec and started to work at that facility. She told me that she was a body-fitness competitor and also a pro. I checked her on social media and was literally mind blown. Competing in the fitness category requires so much ability, you need to be strong, flexible and agile. You need so much discipline and commitment. I really admire her and wanted to make sure everyone in Nanaimo knew that we have such an amazing and talented person in our community. Check her out.

1.What motivates you to exercise?

Since I begun weightlifting in 2008 I would say the thing that motivates me the most to keep on pushing everyday is first the chemical reaction that is so rewarding after a hard workout. We all have different body types and genetics so for me it’s to always try to create the most balanced body possible.

2. What activity/workout do you prefer?
I LOVE training shoulders and back! You feel like Hulk when I finish haha

3. What is your biggest accomplishment?
From this day I would say to have participated in the Olympia 2016 (it’s like the Olympics of our sport)
And the Arnold Ohio + Arnold Australia

4. What is your superpower?
My MIND! Everything starts from a strong mind. Instant changes can be done if you focus on positive and powerful thoughts! I’m not a super woman, I do have my days to. I simply always try to push myself outside of my comfort zone to create new opportunities.

5. What is your favorite dish/recipe?
Then my healthy treat are my home-made No-cooking Protein bars that I can share with you!

6. What is your cheat treat?
So, my favorite Treat meal is: Pizza and Glosettes!
Or those ice creams mixed with all kinds of chocolates and cookie dough in them!
When I treat myself, I enjoy a lot of yummy things 😊

7. What are your goals and dreams?
I always live 1 year at a time. I plan my fitness shows and focus on achieving everyone. I’m that girl that takes 1 day at a time. If there are to be changes I go with the flow.
My dreams might seem to be boring, but I just dream to have a fun life! I enjoy the simple things and love challenges!

8. Advice for a newbie?
First, do it FOR YOU! Fitness is not for everyone but is certainly the thing that lights me up. Find that reason you want to push and push everyday. We have only 1 life so make sure everyday counts.
Second, find a GOOD coach. You need someone that will guide you towards a healthy and fun journey!

Third, be patient and proud of EVERY progress you make! Remember baby steps 😊
Like any goal in life, you must start somewhere to create your empire. When you get discouraged because you find you get stuck on a plateau, give it your all because your probably just by the tip of the mountain!

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