Mint Girls

Nanaimo is blessed with a wealth of wonderful, passionate people like Robin and her sister who created Mint Girls. These girls deserve to be more widely known because they have so much passion and joy to share. I know you’ll enjoy meeting them here!

One-of-a-Kind Upcycled and Artisan Clothing

Mint Girls is a local brand created by two sisters with a shared passion for creating art and clothing while supporting a more sustainable future. We carefully source quality items from thrift stores to be transformed into unique pieces of art and clothing. Our goal is to draw attention to our capability to reuse and refresh items that become treasured pieces.

We use a variety of techniques to create unique pieces: reverse tie-dye, fabric paints, and stencilling. We source out second-hand objects such as doilies to create unique images out of old art. We also carefully select stencils that project meaning, such as the flower of life and customize our own stencils to send a message in our clothing.

We’ve partnered with local photographers and “Art of Where” to bring fresh active wear to our Mint Girls clothing line. We design leggings and tops using our artwork and photography from Vancouver Island, Banff and the Kananaskis/ Bragg Creek, AB area (our home town!) Check out our website and Etsy page this Spring to buy clothing manufactured in Canada using EcoPoly fiber with vivid print that will never fade after washing.

I had the pleasure of getting to know Robin and Kendra through the 200 hours yoga teacher training. You can read some of her experience of healing with yoga here. Theses sister share such a deep bound and are so fun to be around.  This is what they had to say about the program.

“Vero is a knowledgeable, focused and caring leader. She goes above and beyond for her classes, it’s always clear that she’s put a lot of thought into everything that she does. I’m amazed by her consistent, positive energy and her joyful smile that lights up a room and continues to shine no matter what. I would take another training with her & I highly recommend her; I’m so grateful to have her as a teacher for the 200 hours Yoga training.” Robin Minty

“The yoga teacher training program offered by Veronique has been an amazing and transforming experience. Her wisdom, skill, honesty, and kind heart has made it a very unique journey. I would highly recommend working and learning with Veronique! ” Kendra Minty