Why do I want to feature an inspirational person in my newsletter?

I want to feature people like Bhumika who have crossed my path and touched my life, inspiring me toward greatness. Too many of us fail to see greatness in ourselves. Somehow, it doesn’t seem to matter what we have achieved; we often need others to point out to us how we excel. People display “greatness” by their attitude, their lifestyle, their choices, their actions… I want to recognize the people in my life who lead by example.

How did I meet Bhumika?

I had met Bhumika in the fall of 2014 at VIU. She came to my Zumba classes. I admired how well she moved and happy she was. We crossed path again last year and she informed me about her new blogging project; the Writer Eats. I really like her blog and have been impressed by how professional it looks and the content of it. She even became a Zumba instructor and came with me on Gabriola island to teach her first Zumba class. I also asked her to sub my Bootcamp classes at University when I was on a road trip. I am really happy to feature her as an inspirational person, because she has been motivating especially with my online presence.

Meet Bhumika


What motivates you to exercise?
I love my body and try to love it every single day. I feel happy and if I am
stressed, working out definitely makes me feel much better about myself. Plus, I love gains!

What activity/workout do you prefer?
I prefer weight training, zumba and want to improve on some body weight training.

What is your biggest accomplishment?
I have made it so far in life, and every experience has made me better and wiser. I also find it an accomplishment to have lovely people in my life who support me as it is not very easy to find. In terms of fitness, my biggest accomplishment is getting over my obsessive need to be thin and loving working with weights.

What is your favorite dish/recipe? 
I have so many, I had to think for a long time to bring it down to two haha- vegan taco rice bowl w/ tahini dressing, thai inspired chicken with rice and veggies!

What is your cheat treat?
Ice cream and/or pizza or bubble tea would be my go to.

What are your goals and dreams?
I want to help people eat healthier without the notion that eating healthy is boring. I also want them to feel as happy as I do with healthy eating.

Advice for a newbie?
We all start with some confusion, but trust me; you will get better and better and will never regret exercising. Find what makes you happily look forward to working out. Take care of your body inside out. Eat well. Do your best. Love yourself. Never give up. Remember: 80% food, 20% workout= 100% healthy happy self.
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