Why do I want to feature inspirational people in my newsletter?

I want to feature people like Sarah who have crossed my path and touched my life, inspiring me toward greatness. Too many of us fail to see greatness in ourselves. Somehow, it doesn’t seem to matter what we have achieved; we often need others to point out to us how we excel. People display “greatness” by their attitude, their lifestyle, their choices, their actions… I want to recognize the people in my life who lead by example.

Meet Sarah Scherman

I met Sarah during Bootcamp at VIU over a year ago. Ever since she keep make me giggle and bring so much joy to classes. She been such a loyal participant and became an amazing friend. I am so lucky to have her in my life! Sarah you are one in a billon.

What motivates you to exercise?
The main thing that motivates me to work out is to make sure my body can continue to do the things I love:hiking, dancing, biking, moving, and eating. Oh and I wanna look like Beyonce! HAHA

What activity/workout do you prefer?
Is doing something with others, which is only one of the many reasons why I love Vero’s bootcamp. Having the inspiration and support of others makes it fun! I also love getting into the woods for a hike.

What is your superpower?
I don’t know what my super power is, but I wish it was flying.

What is your favorite dish/recipe?
I generally love food. A curry, pad thai and taco have been known to make me cry out of happiness. And seal salt caramel ice cream… obviously.

What is your cheat treat?
I cheat all the time. Having chocolate for breakfast is legit, and peanut butter is best by the spoonful. We got one life to live.

What are your goals and dreams?
My goal is to never stop pushing myself to be the best version of myself, and my dream is to never stop dreaming.

Advice for a newbie?
Don’t let yourself say “I’m too tired or too busy”. Make time. If it’s hard to start, fin a pal and support each other. Oh and laugh. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA XOX

Sarah testimonial: “Veronique is a total game changer. I’ve been attending her classes- yoga, bootcamp, and workshops for three years and I don’t ever want to stop. Not only is she educated and constantly pushing herself to learn more so she can better serve you, but she is also supportive, kind, understanding, and funny. Her classes are never boring and you always leave feeling stronger physically, emotionally and mentally! Vero’s classes are a great work-out. She always gives her everything in each class, making it fun and enjoyable each time. She always makes sure everyone is cared for by giving different variations and getting to know you. Both her and her classes are a 10/10!!!!”