I’ve been looking into different possible solution to replace the single use plastic bag we use from grocery, aka. product bag. There are so many options I got quite lost in the research. I was about to order the cheapest, quickest options but then someone pointed out that the bag were actually made of polyester (plastic) and some friend told me they ordered them and rip really easily. It would have been quite counter productive to buy plastic bag to replace single used plastic bags…

I started to research what other options were out there but made of natural fibers. There are also a bit more that just the material the bag are made, do they have a plastic, metal or just drawstring to close in? Are the bag see through so the cashier at grocery store see easily?  Also how much packaging are they coming are they coming in when you ordered them? Any warranty possible? What are the review about product?

After all the research I did theses are the best options I found, I placed them by ascending price from low to high:

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