Hourglass workout

Do You Want to Know the Secret to Building Sexy Curves?

Want Rounder, Sexier Glutes?

Want An Eating Plan To Make You Look & Feel Great?

Want Lean, Toned Arms & Legs That Look Great In Shorts & Tank Tops?

Want Healthier Looking Skin, More Energy & A Flatter Tummy?

This program is power packed with 20 intense curve-creating workouts!

The workouts include 10 leg-days that focus on Lyzabeth’s personal Booty Building exercises!
Over 200 – 15 second voice over video tutorials
You get to choose from 6 different eating plans to chose the best one for you!
All eating plans are based on eating whole real food! NO diet food! NO low-cal, low-fat food! Just REAL whole foods!
This is a life-style plan! Never diet again! LOVE your workout program like never before!
Follow your progress with our success tracker.



Here it is! All the Secrets You Need to Build a Rounder Booty
in the Gym and a Sexy Hourglass Silhouette!

No more training hard and losing your bum or getting a straight or boxy shape. This online and mobile ready lifetime membership includes all your training and an easy to follow healthy tasty eating plan!

You can even choice from different plan:

The classic eating plan The classic plan is the MOST POPULAR plan, and was created for those who are looking to gain muscle & tone and lose fat! This is the plan that Lyzabeth follows herself.
The muscle building eating plan The muscle building plan is best for those that are hard-gainers or skinny fat and have trouble putting on weight. This plan will help you to gain weight/muscle while losing fat.
The vegan eating plan The vegan plan supports fat loss & muscle gain. It is 100% vegan (no foods from animals whatsoever).
The vegetarian eating plan The vegetarian plan supports fat loss & muscle gain goals. The plan includes: fish, whey protein, bee pollen, honey, etc). It does not include: poultry, meat, game.
The hypothyroid eating plan The hypothyroid plan is created for those looking to lose fat & gain muscle. It will only be helpful for those that actually have issues with hypothyroidism.


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