Hand Balancing for Bodyweight Athlete



Hand Balancing for the Bodyweight Athlete Video $89.95–$99.95

Challenge Gravity with this video from Mike Fitch, providing detailed, progressive instructions designed to help you master the art of hand balancing regardless of your current skill level. The key to handstand push-ups, single-arm handstands, and planche training is to start at the beginning. This video takes you through each step allowing you to work at your own pace and progress as your ability improves.

Includes 5 chapters providing more than 1 hour 45 minutes of instructional content. Chapters include: Warm-Ups; Gymnastics Style; Breakdancing; Paralletes; and Parallel Bars.

Wrist Mobilizations and Activations

Gymnastics: Build your foundation by progressing through the whole series, starting the most regressed Floor Pike Push-Ups, moving on to Wall-Assisted techniques, and working up to Freestanding Handstand Push-Ups. You’ll also learn the basics of safety, spotting, and conditioning.

Breakdancing: Now that you’ve mastered your basics, it’s time to add some flare! Start with some low level freezes (like the Turtle and Baby), progress through the mid level freezes (think Air Baby and Headstands), and end up in the high level freezes (Fishtails and Pikes!)

Parallettes: Get serious on the parallettes, covering both straight-arm and bent-arm moves.

Parallel Bars: Take your skills outside onto parallel bars, learning
Swings, Press-Ups and Trunk moves.


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