Introducing the Unsung Heroes of Nanaimo’s
Health and Fitness Community

Nanaimo is blessed with a wealth of wonderful, passionate health and fitness professionals like Chiaki who inspire others, helping them to overcome obstacles and live healthier lives. These Yoga teachers, fitness instructors, shiatsu therapist, massage therapists and others deserve to be more widely known because they have so much knowledge and insight to share. I know you’ll enjoy meeting them here!

What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is a Japanese hands-on therapeutic massage working the meridians and pressure points throughout the body. This non evasive therapy addresses a wide range of body ailments such as muscle tension, stress, chronic and digestive issues. Shiatsu uses a firm steady pressure to release tension allowing the practitioner to probe deeper, stimulating circulation of vital nutrients. The practitioner is trained to recognize patterns of disharmony providing valuable insight and body awareness for the client.

What is Foot Reflexology?

Foot Reflexology is the application of specific finger pressure techniques on feet, combined with acupressure with focus on reflex points and their connection to our body’s organs. It is a wonderful, natural, health therapy and analysis tool. It improves circulation of blood, encourages lymphatic drainage, rejuvenates life energy, and eases pain within other body parts. Fostering the body to detox and heal itself.

“The heart and spirit of Shiatsu is comparable to a mother’s pure love.
Therapeutic pressure on the human body stimulates the “spring of life to flow”.

Chiaki Harper is a Shiatsu Practitioner since 2006. She currently offer Shiatsu Massage and Foot Reflexology at Nanaimo Bodyworks at Naturally Healthy Clinic.
210 Milton Street Nanaimo BC, V9R 2K6
More Info: 778-233-1855

Shiatsu or Therapeutic Massage

30min $40
60min $80
90min $110
Foot Reflexology
30min $40
60min $80

Combo (includes Foot Soak w/Epsom Salt & Pure Essential Oil)
Special Promotion
60min (30min Body + 30min Foot) $60 (Reg $80)
90min (45min Body + 45min Foot) $90 (Reg $110)
Special Promotion ends on June 30, 2018
All services are plus tax

The combo is a great introduction to Shiatsu and Foot Reflexology’s impact on your body, mind and spirit!