I have been so blessed and grateful for the opportunity to be the lead instructor for a 200 hours yoga teacher training and to create Choose2be yoga school. It has been amazing to spend 8 weekends with these 7 beautiful women, like Danica, and also incredible to have 11 different instructors to come lead part of the training. I am hoping that this will be the first of many yoga teacher training sessions and I am already starting to plan and dream of the next one ! It has been a really rich and amazing journey in so many different ways.

Part of the participants homework was to write an essay on the topic of their choice and they were aware that I would be posting it on my website. We also did an exercise in the first weekend to create a life affirmation and core desire feeling , I also invited them to share it with us. I am so humbled and touched that I got to support these amazing beings on part of their journey and I am looking forward to witness how life unfolds for them.

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Life Affirmation: I am the ocean stirring to awaken & calmly soothing so you may dance to your potential…
Core Desire Feelings: Joyous, Loving & Peaceful

Take a Break… Meditate!

To think you can give yourself a break by simply taking one. Turning off for a moment to clear your mind. How often we are so busy checking other people’s “status updates” that we forget to check into ourselves. We remember to check-in on Facebook but ignore the signals our body and mind provide so intuitively. We have the answers we seek, if only we take the time to listen.

“Sitting still is an opportunity to break the habitual cycle that has us continually running away from the slightest discomfort and seeking pleasure outside of ourselves. To sit still, no matter what, is not how we usually react to an uncomforatble situation. Yet if we try it, we venture deeper into ourselves, exploring our potential. We will come closer to the source of happiness.”

 -Jivamukti Yoga, Book 

There are certainly specific methods to follow? There are many books on “how to,” How do I sit? Where do I sit? What do I sit on? Why bother at all? STOP! Stop everything you are doing and thinking for just a moment of concetrated focus on your breath, on your mind, controlling it rather than reacting to it; you are the one in control and can simply take a break.

Twenty years ago I was given a book on meditation called “Meditation for Dummies” chapter one reads, “What meditation is and isn’t” and had I read the whole book back then maybe I would have had a daily practice sooner? Although the journey of the pasty twenty years has lead to my current practice of 6 days a week. Combining asana and meditation I now direct my health rather than being dictated by it. I promise you it took me more than reading, I found that receiving instruction first in private and in a group setting to be the key which unlocked my abiltity to “take a break” when I need to, controlling the urge to react or judge a circumstance as “good” or bad” instead remaining equanimous and calm.

“Where motion ceases,” the Master said, “God begins.” 

-Paramhansa Yogananda on Meditation 

To sustain balance, I allow myself time to attune to mind, body and spirit through meditation which gives me the break I need, when I need it, where I need it, no matter what I am sitting on, and becuase I get to stop everything, I get clear, it’s really like hitting the refresh button on your browser, just clear your history and start fresh.

“Balanced sailing, weathers all storms.”

 -Coach Danica




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