Yoga Playshop

Find connection to yourself and others in this Yoga Playshop. We will expand our body awareness, increase mobility and have a whole lot of fun as we work together to get creative with asana, dance, games, juggling, and find freedom in movement. Come with an open mind.

Tribe Workshop

Let’s come together for some yoga, belly dancing, mantra singing and games. This workshop is designed to bring people together, to laugh, to set intention, to learn.  Veronique will lead you through singing, yoga, belly dancing and games to help you free your spine and hips, feel beautiful and, most of all, have fun! You will leave this workshop with new friends and a smile in your heart.  Come with an open mind and embrace a new experience.

Depending on location and needs, this event can be for women only or open for everyone.

Send me a email to discuss your need.

Workshop: Tribe

Circus Yoga

Circus Yoga is a fun-filled experience designed to improve confidence, concentration, playfulness and teamwork for people of all ages and abilities. Circus Yoga combines yoga with circus arts. In this class we will use yoga asana to warm up the body, followed by some basic partner acrobatics, juggling, poi spinning, hula hoop, clowning, group story creation, rola bola, Thai massage, creative movement and dance. Surprise yourself! Learn how to live from a more playful and open-minded place.

This event can be for kids above 6 years old and/or adult. Email me to discuss your needs.