Circus Arts Leader Certification

Gain confidence in your ability to juggle with scarves, balls, clubs, hula hoop, spin poi, diabolo, spinning plates and so much more. Fill your toolbox with lots of games and ideas for creating a successful, fun Circus Arts Program. Discover the best source of equipment and how to build your own. Take away weekly classes plans that you can adapt to different age groups. 

This course is now being offered online!


Would you like to learn some teachable circus arts?


Are you a school teacher or assistant educator looking to add some new skills to your toolbox?


Are you passionate about fitness and want to round out your repertoire with new skills?


Do you love working with kids, teaching and having fun?

Circus Arts Leader Course

Be sure to check out this blog post about playtime, Why Circus Arts Are Appropriate for Everyone

Course objectives
  • Learn how to teach a variety of skills with different objects: juggling scarves, clubs, balls, poi, hula-hoops and diabolo; spinning plates.
  • Learn ways to integrate clowning into your classes.
  • Experience how exercise happens naturally in play and that Circus Arts are a practice of concentrated play.
  • Expand your creativity, confidence, perseverance and a positive sense of self while teaching skills that lead to an experiences of success and recognition.
  • Promote mental and physical health through physical activity, motor skills refinement and safe risk-taking.
  • Build trust, collaborative skills and teamwork by creating a nourishing environment in which you can challenge fears and develop positive relationships.
  • Integrate Circus Arts into daily life by making it accessible to all.

Empowering leaders who work with children, teens, and adults in their communities by providing a creative and playful outlet using Circus Arts that are accessible to everyone. Inspiring individuals to greater awareness, presence and to be happier, more positive people through play.



The Circus Arts Leader Certification was born from a need for a fun, engaging and inclusive way to share Circus Arts with everyone. And a belief in the power of play, creativity, and physical activity. Circus Arts have unlimited potential to help maintain a healthy body and mind and help people feel confident and competent to learn new skills.


Be playful

Playfulness is so important when learning new skills.

Be positive

Cultivate patience and perseverance. Instead of saying “I can’t do it,” say “I can’t do it yet!” or “I’ll try!”

Be a superhero!

Create the life you want by facing your fears when learning new skills. “Courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it,” said Nelson Mandela. Superheroes are hardworking and inspiring. With dedication, commitment and practice, you too can become a superhero!

This course is now being offered online!

The video shows some Circus Arts classes that I lead in cooperation with Pacific Sport in elementary school. Circus Arts Leader certification will give you tools, knowledge, and skills to teach such classes.

*The Arts in Education Council of BC Fund offers grants to support teachers’ professional development in the arts. Kindergarten to Grade 12 educators and school administrators in British Columbia are eligible to apply for this grant. The grant could cover for this training. Check this link.