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Combining Yoga and Therapy — what an idea!

As an experienced yoga teacher and therapist, I’ve started offering yoga therapy as an option, which is, as you might have guessed, a brilliant combination of yoga and therapy.

These are one-to-one counselling sessions, in-person or online, that make use of the tools of counselling while incorporating some movement as well. If you feel that regular counselling sessions are missing the physical aspect, yoga therapy might be for you!

What to expect from a yoga therapy session

With one of my regular clients, I typically go to her place (this could also be done online). We start by sitting on yoga mats or on chairs. She talks to me about what’s going on in her life for a while, and I listen. Our session unfolds in its own way, and we usually incorporate some yoga.

Basically, we take yogic philosophies and apply them on the mat. We spend some of our time sitting and talking, and we spend some time on the mat, trying different yoga positions, doing some breathing practices. It’s really fluid.

In these sessions, we’re focusing on her condition and how we can help her feel better, rather than on the techniques or methods of yoga practice. My job is to understand why my client asked to see me, and determine how I can support her.

I’m trained to assess clients through listening, questioning, observing, and appropriately touching. I’m looking for ways to help my clients reduce or manage their symptoms, improve their function, and help with their attitude in relation to their health condition.

Although all yoga can be therapeutic and healing, yoga therapy is the application of yogic tools — postures, exercises, breathwork, meditation techniques, and more — to address an individual’s physical, mental, and emotional needs.

A yoga therapy session includes:
  • Individual assessment
  • Formal intake
  • Therapeutic relationship
  • Addressing specific concerns of the client
  • Yoga practices tailored to the client
  • Emphasis on healing body, mind, and spirit
Concerns that yoga therapy can address:

Mental Health

Chronic Pain
Lower back pain
Rehabilitation from surgery
Pelvic floor dysfunction
Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue
Myo Fascial release

Neurologic Issues
Traumatic brain injury

Healthy Aging
Balance and fall prevention

Illness Support
Heart disease

And more!

As a fitness trainer, yoga instructor, and therapist, I have in-depth training to assess and keep my clients safe. I work with you to address your specific goals while considering any limitations you might be experiencing — injury, illness, and mental health issues. 

A session could include:

  • Sitting and talking
  • Integrating physical movement and sounds
  • Breathing techniques
  • Meditation or visualization practices
  • Yoga postures to address areas of discomfort or musculoskeletal imbalances

Yoga therapy is a holistic approach to health and well-being. I aim to support healing on all levels — physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic.

Movement and other yogic practices, like breathwork, create a bridge between your mind and your body. In a way, you’re letting the sore places in your body talk, and allowing them to inform the session.

If this interests you, book a complimentary call and let me know that you’d like to talk about yoga therapy! Or you can add some sessions below!

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