Circus Arts Leader Certification


Course objectives:

  • Learn a variety of skills with different objects: juggling scarves, clubs, balls, poi, hula-hoops and diabolo; spinning plates.
  • Learn ways to integrate clowning into your classes.
  • Experience that exercise happens naturally in play and that circus arts are a practice of concentrated play.
  • Expand creativity, confidence, perseverance and a positive sense of self while teaching skills that lead to experiences of success and recognition.
  • Promote mental and physical health through physical activity, motor skills refinement and safe risk-taking.
  • Build trust, collaborative skills and teamwork by creating a nourishing environment in which you can challenge fears and develop positive relationships.
  • Integrate Circus Arts into daily life by making it accessible to all.


Become a Certified Circus Arts Leader in One Day!

During this one-day Circus Arts Leader Certification course, you will gain confidence as you acquire the skills to juggle with scarves, balls, clubs, hula-hoops and diabolo, spin plates, and so much more. You will leave this certification course with lots of games and ideas for creating a successful and fun Circus Arts Program. You will also discover the best place to buy your equipment and even how to build some of the equipment yourself. You will also get breakdowns of weekly class plans that can be adapted to different age groups.


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