Eight to Great – Online Workout Program


Embrace Your Body! Transform Your Life!
Choose2be Strong & Healthy!

Get fitter, healthier & happier in just 8 weeks! Perfect for all fitness levels.
An 8-week online program

This program goes really well with Strong Core and Healthy Back Package.

Course Description

The ideal fitness program to keep you motivated. Flexible enough to accommodate your busy schedule.

Great if you want to work out at home using ONLY your own bodyweight and a resistance band (no weights required!)
Would you like to start EVERY day with a UNIQUE four minute workout that will make you sweat AND smile?
Create the Body You Want from home in just 4 Minutes Per Day!

Yes, it’s possible! In 8 weeks, you can become strong and fit in the comfort of your home with short, intense bursts of exercise each day! Research shows that quality is better that quantity.

I believe that fitness is a lifestyle incorporating workouts that are quick, effective, efficient, accessible and fun. Stop spending countless hours training at the gym. Set yourself up for long term success by creating more balance in your fitness schedule. Short workouts at home at a convenient time is the way to go!

I’ve created workouts for every fitness level. They challenge beginners to advanced fitness enthusiasts. I mix strength-based workouts, mainly bodyweight functional movement with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Intense, short workouts are the fastest way to build a strong, healthy body. The variety of workouts combine my many years of experience as a Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor and Yoga teacher.

The 8-Week Choose2be Strong & Healthy Online Program includes:

ONLINE: A different daily 4-minute workout blast combining cardio, strength and toning. (48 workouts in total)

ONLINE: Four 30-minute workouts to challenge your body further.

ONLINE: Daily nutritious plant-based recipes to boost your metabolism

The secret behind 4 minutes of exercise per day? You’ll burn approximately 50 calories at each session. But, the real payoff is that these 4-minute daily exercise blasts will boost your metabolism to burn an additional 250 calories in the following 24 hours. That’s 300 calories burned by investing only 4 minutes!

Equipment needed:

  • High-speed Internet connection
  • Tubing or TheraBand™ exercise bands
  • A chair
  • A set of light dumbbells
  • A mat
  • About Your Fitness Trainer

Véronique Rioux is a certified Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor…and more. An engaging, motivating and knowledgeable instructor, Véronique will make your workouts fun and challenging.

How do I access my online courses?

After you pay for a course and the order is completed you will receive an email with your login information. Once logged in you can access your courses and change your password by viewing your account page.


Veronique was very motivating and encouraging throughout the program. She also was understanding when life and schedules conflicted with getting daily routines completed however gave lots of direction on getting back on track. The mini workouts were new to me –and I found them easier to complete rather then planning to get to an hour long class multiple times a week. The daily recipe and additional information supplied help to make small changes to diet and regular routines. Would highly recommend!Sarah Greenway

I haven’t applied the nutrition principal yet, I have mainly focused on the exercises. I like that Veronique often writes comments and that is motivating. I saw I big difference in the level of my energy in the last fews weeks since I started the 8 week online program. I really needed that. I also feel like my thighs are getting firmer and I have lost a few inches on my hips Julieand chest. I am super satisfied with the result so far. I didn’t have any expectations when I started the program and I am really happy with it. I like it so much that I want to repeat an other 8 weeks once this one is over. I have never been someone who likes weight training and muscle building exercises but right now I am always motivated to do my daily exercises as much as the two weekly 30 minutes workout. Now I will focus on the nutrition part to get even more benefits from the program. Thanks again Veronique for this program.” Julie Fournier, physical education teacher and coordinator of the Physical Education Department, Cegep de Gaspe, Quebec