Strong Core and Healthy Back Package


A Strong Body Starts From the Core.

Learn how to develop a strong core, healthy back in 4 weeks! Perfect for all fitness levels.
An 4-week online program

Did you know that having a strong core is more than just doing crunches? Having a strong core can prevent lower back injuries and pain, and even improve your posture! Join us for this fun, 4-week program that will guide you through exercises to develop your core strength.

Choose2be Strong & Healthy!

This Package goes really well with Eight to Great Program.

Course Description

Course Description
This is the ideal fitness program to get you started in creating the strong core and healthy back you always wanted. It is flexible enough to accommodate your busy schedule, and perfect for working out at home using ONLY your own bodyweight.

I am a strong advocate of short effective workouts that are done daily and become a habit. Research shows that quality is better than quantity. Fitness is a lifestyle and the best way to get there is by incorporating workouts that are quick, effective, efficient, accessible and fun!

This monthly program consists of five 10-20 minutes workouts that can be done at home at any time. There are workouts for every fitness level that will challenge everyone from beginners to experienced fitness enthusiasts. The variety of workouts combine my many years of experience as a Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor and Yoga teacher.

The five focus areas are:

1. Front Side body
2. Mobility
3. Back side body
4. Plank, Obliques and Twist
5. 360 degree core, putting it all together to create a functional core!

Work out at your own pace and in your own home, and build strength, balance and confidence.

The 4-Week Choose2be Strong & Healthy Online Program includes:
Equipment needed:
• High-speed Internet connection
• A mat

About Your Fitness Trainer
Véronique Rioux is a certified Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor…and more. An engaging, motivating and knowledgeable instructor, Véronique will make your workouts fun and challenging.

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Veronique was very motivating and encouraging throughout the program. She also was understanding when life and schedules conflicted with getting daily routines completed however gave lots of direction on getting back on track. The mini workouts were new to me –and I found them easier to complete rather then planning to get to an hour long class multiple times a week. Would highly recommend!Sarah Greenway