"As a trainer you are by BY FAR the BEST!!!  I loved the variety of workouts, learning many new things and the beautiful energy you always brought.    You are creative and the most knowledgeable fitness professional I have ever met.
Price was never an issue.  I knew you would come down in price if I asked but your skills are worth even more than I was paying you!  I felt I received incredible value.  I am so grateful I can't put it into words...
As a friend you are again sooooooooooo amazing!  I value your friendship much more than I can ever say.  You are a true gift in my life!  I am so grateful to have met you." Rod Hartman
Personal Training - Personal Training Nanaimo - Personal Trainer Nanaimo - Nanaimo - Nanaimo fitness - Fitness - Bootcamp Nanaimo - Bootcamp - Yoga Nanaimo - Yoga

"I think that you are SO amazing! I love your positivity and enthusiasm and I'm so grateful for all of your classes! They're making me feel so great 👍 you're absolutely incredible at what you do and you're making a positive difference for so many people !! It's impossible to not smile during your classes. Thanks for being so flexible and accommodating and inclusive.
Thanks so much for doing what you do; for following your passion inspiring others.
Much love !! ❤❤❤" Zoe Margret, Nanaimo, BC. 

"The positively and healthy life that Vero leads is inspiring and she is a very enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and motivating personal trainer. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to my closest friends and family." Colin Bender Nanaimo, BC. 

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Colin Bender - Inspirational Person - Nanaimo- Vulnerability Challenge- Personal training- cohousing Nanaimo
"“Véronique is, bar none, the best instructor I’ve encountered in my more than 35 years of fitness classes in three different provinces. She’s bubbly, enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable, which makes her classes fun and effective.” Morri Mostow, a former fitness instructor and currently a Zumba and fitness participant, Gabriola Island." Morri, GABRIOLA ISLAND BC

"I love classes with Veronique! She is energetic, vibrant and always smiling- I've taken Zumba and tried her Bootcamp class in Nanaimo. I've had conversations with Veronique too, and she is helpful and just so positive! Classes with her will really leave you feeling her positivity and energy." Bhumika Mehta, The Writer Eats, Nanaimo, BC. 

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"Veronique Rioux is very knowledgable in all aspects of movement and stretching. She is good at finding ways to present movement exercises that make them fun for all levels or she can work one on one at quite advanced levels. She has background in circus, bellydancing and yoga, and possibly more I don't know about. I have taken part in several of her events, including several children's days that she organized that were filled with fun, active and engaging activities. The choose2be videos that I have seen lately have been inspiring." Kalie Gossen, Nanaimo, BC. 



"This 8 week online program fell into my life at the perfect time. I needed something regular, imposed on me to motivate me to workout. This program is perfect for someone like me who likes to have structure. You get up, open your computer and everything is there. You don’t even have to decide which exercises to do, everything is there for you, ready to go. If you are in shape or not there are different levels of difficulty to choose from. You can do the 6 minute Tabata workout anytime of the day if you can’t do it first thing in the morning as they recommend. Personally, I like this flexibility. Someday I didn’t do it so I did 2 workouts the next day. I am already pretty active but not in a muscular way. The exercises are motivating, they vary and are often new to me and that is really useful for my work as a physical education teacher.

I haven’t applied the nutrition principal yet, I have mainly focused on the exercises. I like that Veronique often writes comments and that is motivating. I saw I big difference in the level of my energy in the last fews weeks since I started the 8 week online program. I really needed that. I also feel like my thighs are getting firmer and I have lost a few inches on my hips and chest. I am super satisfied with the result so far. I didn’t have any expectations when I started the program and I am really happy. I like it so much that I want to repeat an other 8 weeks once this one is over. I never been someone who likes weight training and muscle building exercises but right now I am always motivated to do my daily exercises as much as the two weekly 30 minutes workout. Now I will focus on the nutrition part to have even more benefits from the program. Thanks again Veronique for this program."

Julie Fournier, physical education teacher and coordinator of the physical department at Cegep de Gaspe, Quebec

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Julie Fournier - Inspirational Person - Physical education teacher- Zumba Instructor - Choose2be Nanaimo

"Veronique is a total game changer. I've been attending her classes- YogaBootcamp, and workshops for three years and I don't ever want to stop. Not only is she educated and constantly pushing herself to learn more so she can better serve you, but she is also supportive, kind, understanding, and funny. Her classes are never boring and you always leave feeling stronger physically, emotionally and mentally!" Sarah Scherman

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Inspirational person Sarah Scherman - Bootcamp VIU- Bootcamp Nanaimo - Group Fitness Instructor

"Veronique you have changed my life in ways you don't even understand! You have given me a passion and a confidence through your leadership and constant affirmations. I had no idea starting Bootcamp class in Nanaimo a year ago would change my life and shape me into the person I am today." Kelsey Nijman, Nanaimo BC

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"I joined Veronique's Cardio Blast class on Gabriola and Body Sculpt class on Gabriola, classes a year ago and I am still going! I find her classes varied, interesting, fun, challenging and educational. Vero is a happy light at the front  of the class, watching our form, teaching us about our muscles and posture. She encourages us to really challenge ourselves at our level ( the first time in my life I've needed a sweat towel!) I am semi-retired and at my strongest in many years. Vero has inspired me to do tabata routines at home too,  with 8 week online program  to keep up the good work between  classes. I love vero's classes! She is encouraging, teaches us what we are doing, why and how. She watches carefully that we are using correct form and challenges is to do the best that we can while considering each persons skill level and ability.
This is the first time I've continued to attend classes for well over a year - I don't like to miss!" Liz McKnight, Gabriola Island, BC.

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Liz Mcknight - art therapy - Nanaimo - Gabriola island- inspirational person - body sculpt- 8 week online - cardio blast

"Veronique is the best, she encourages me to be stronger and healthier and pushes me to limits that I thought I could never reach. Thanks for all of your encouragement in Bootcamp classes and pushing me to reach my goals." Glynis Steen, Nanaimo BC


"Veronique has infectious energy, a very sweet & approachable girl. She has excellent techniques and great focus on breathing in Yoga class in Nanaimo. Veronique is of a few instructors who explain the Yoga poses… I feel like I am being educated as well as instructed through the class. All of her exercises seem very simple and basic but are in fact are unbelievably difficult and challenging. Each exercise comes with 2 or 3 levels of difficulty, lots of cleanse breathing and flows. Over the last year or so, attending 2 classes per week I have improved my strength and flexibility incredibly. Veronique’s classes lets you feel calm, at peace and eager to be there. Her attention to everyone and foot massage at the end of each class leaves you wanting to come back!" Daniele Latiff, Nanaimo BC

Veronique's energy is infectious and motivating. I love her workouts as they are always different and designed for all levels of fitness in the same class which makes for a very inclusive and non-intimidating atmosphere. You will not be disappointed, Veronique is awesome! "I must say you put on a stellar clinic!....you always "bring it"...I'm amazed! Thanks for the inspiration and showing me the "Bootcamp way"....I'm in love....even though it is hard to get out of bed the next morning....it is a good "hurt"! *pouting* at the thought of a Bootcamp without you leading us!...they say all good things come to an end!" Craig Hanson, Nanaimo BC
"Véronique is a great role model and an incredible motivator! I really look forward to her Bootcamp classes! I have seen huge improvements in my fitness level and have lost weight to boot!" Trish Smith, Nanaimo BC Make sure you check Trish Inspirational Person post.
"Veronique's personal commitment to health and fitness is inspiring! She will push you to your limits and then encourage you to go further! Want to be in the best shape of your life? Call her." Tammy Williams, Bootcamp participant, Nanaimo BC
"Thanks you so much for all your amazing support over the last year in Bootcamp. You have the most fantastic energy and drive. I really appreciate your constant encouragement and challenges. You are a true inspiration! I will never forget your wise words about fitness: enjoy the journey! Since I came to Nanaimo, my fitness journey has been out of this world and you played a very significent role in it throughout. All the best and thanks you again." Tara, NANAIMO BC Make sure you check Tara Inspirational Person post.
Inspiration person - Tara- Bootcamp - Nanaimo - weight training - body composition
"Veronique, I just wanted to take the time to say thanks so much for kicking my butt in Bootcamp these last two years. I've had a blast in your class! It was a great way to de-stress from my classes and I've definitly gotten stronger and see the improvements in myself. Your positive attitude is infectious and even when I was sweating and trying to catch my breath I was having fun! I have you to thank for getting me on the right track. Thanks again." Claire Parkhouse, Nanaimo BC

"You know you have such amazing dance talent. Your teaching is awesome and your energy is fantastic. Greatly appreciated your Zumba class in Nanaimo with my two left feet :)" Karin Parakin, Zumba participant, NANAIMO BC