What Is Metabolism?

Metabolism is the process in which your body converts what you put into your mouth into energy. Even when you are at rest your body needs energy for all basic functions such as breathing, adjusting hormone levels, growing, repair, circulating blood and digestion. The number of calories your body needs to carry these basic functions is called basal metabolic rate, aka your “metabolism”. Several factors determine your metabolism:

  • Body size and composition: the more muscle you have the more calories you burn, even at rest.
  • Gender/sex: men usually have more muscle and less body fat than women, so they burn more calories
  • Age: as you get older you lose muscle mass so you burn fewer calories

How Does Muscle Affect Metabolism?

There are still many myths and misconceptions that need to be clarified about weight training. I need to reassure everyone out there, without steroids, gaining lean muscle mass is not easy. It is actually pretty difficult for most women to “bulk” up unless you are very serious about your training, train everyday and eat lots and lots of protein. It is important that you understand how to maintain and build muscle mass not only boosts your metabolism, but can do so much more for you.

Your metabolism is not to be blamed for your weight: Ultimately your physical activity, food and beverage intake will determine how much you weigh. There are some factors that we can’t control to help our metabolism burn more calories; such as genetics, lifestyle, environment, sleep, stress. One factor that we can control is strength training to increase our muscle mass. The American Council on Exercise has found that the average person loses approximately one-half pound of muscle per year after the age of twenty. To even maintain the muscle you have today, you need to take action. If you don’t know how to get started on your strength training journey; contact a personal trainer or join a group fitness classes that focus on strength building instead of cardio.

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