Going into Space them plan class.

When my kids were younger I thought it would be fun to teach toddler and parents Yoga. I did a Rainbow kids training in Vancouver and spent a lot of time putting my class lessons together and I want to share them with you. I believe that kids Yoga needs to be fun, educational and interactive. This class was a parent participation class that was 45 minutes long. I have 6 different lesson plans that I want to share with you, they all have a different theme.  The first one I shared was “In the garden”. The second plan lesson I shared was “African Safari”.  The third one was “Going into Space theme.” The fourth Yoga class plan I shared was “Going at the Zoo and at The farm”. The Fifth Yoga class plan is “Going to the beach/ocean.” The last kid yoga plan class is “Weather and Season” theme.

When I teach little kids I first talk about my expectations: keep our hands to ourselves, use our words, say “Excuse me” and wait for our turn before talking and of course have fun. In the Rainbow Kids Yoga teacher training, we were placing our Yoga mats in a big circle all overlapping each other’s mat. I really like this way of setting up the class and usually had parent and kid using the same mat. I also tried to add different values to the theme. I would love to hear what you think about theses lesson plans and get feedback once you try teaching them.

Starting the class sitting in a cercle with the Song: Rub your hand by Karma Kids Yoga

Name games: I learned this song at Strong Start. As you are sitting together in a circle, you tap your thigh with your hand to create a rhythm and sing: “Hello …(the name of the person) and repeat Hello with name of the kid three time and then you say: it’s nice to see you here. And you go around the circle repeating the same song for every kid.

During this class we talk about Value: Cooperation

When you go into a spaceship you need a team and you are all working together, sharing a same home. Need to learn teamwork and its all about cooperation, compromise, effort, helping each other. Combining everyone’s energy to work together toward a common goal. Ask the kids: “What is more fun to do together?”

All the Games have the same focus of team work between parents and kids. For example, a three leg race and also sitting back to back together, hooking our arms together and trying to stand up together.

Sun salutation: While going through the movement of the Sun Salutation  take a moment to thanks the Sun for the light and the heat you give us and also for the growing food you provide us.

Read a Book about the planets

Poses with theme

Put your space suit on while doing yoga poses: forward bend, to put your pants – cat & cow + extend arm & feet to put your gloves and boots–
Then reach up and back to put helmet & backpack of O2
Practice Walking on the moon: lying down on your back and reach opposite arm to leg
Repeat same moon walk while standing nice and slow, Walk like there is no gravity
Crescent moon (side bend)
Crescent lunge
5 points star: shooting star
½ moon pose then Falling star like half moon but reaching forward instead of down

Song I like to use during the class connected with the Theme, I don’t use all theses song, I just adjust to the group. Depending of their energy and time we have. Always good to have more tool into your tool box and have ressources in case you need them.

Twinkle little star from Chantal Kreviazuk and Raine Maida
There’s a Lot of Space in Space from A Rocket to the Moon, album Juice Music
Rocketship Run from The Laurie Berkner Band
I like using this song to pretend we walk on the moon: Walk on the Moon, Statickman, album Espectro Wave
Rocket Ship from Bari Koral, album Anna and the Cupcakes
Here comes the sun from The Beatles
The Moon from Rafi, album Baby Beluga
Move & Freeze, Christopher Kavi Carbone, album Namaste! Songs, Yoga & Meditation for the Young Yogis!
The more we get together from Rafi, album Baby beluga

Games: The kids pretend to be the earth, spinning on itself, while the parent is pretending to be the moon circling around kids.  Can also pair team together and create a galaxy.

Book: Space Heroes or Adventures in Space