Release back tension, spine undulation, spine movement, Sholin Monk, nerve influx, kundalini energy, Brazilian rotation, deep core musclesIf you’re looking for a way to release back tension and improve your overall flexibility, spinal undulation might just be the answer. This movement is a wave-like motion that travels through the spine and helps it stay young and flexible. When we experience physical or emotional trauma, accidents, or prolonged periods of stress, it can change our posture and limit the range of motion in our bodies, including our spine. Over time, this can lead to rigidity and shallow respiration. However, spinal undulation can help reduce tension in the body and increase fluidity in movements.

A Shaolin Monk teacher once said, “Your spine is designed to move like water, not a brick.” In yoga, it’s said that you’re as young as your spine is flexible. This makes sense when you consider that the spine is the main highway for nerve influx and kundalini energy. Practicing spinal undulation can improve the range of motion in your spine, leading to greater strength, power, mobility, and endurance for a wide range of activities such as surfing, martial arts, dancing, climbing, and playing sports.

Spinal undulation can be performed in many styles of dance, but it can also be practiced from different yoga poses such as cat and cow, and can be integrated when transitioning from downward dog to upward dog. This technique will enhance body awareness and also support the spine by learning how to engage deep core muscles to move more freely.

Another great movement to loosen up the spine while standing up is the Brazilian rotation. This movement is a great way to learn how to move the rib cage and hips at the same time, further improving spinal flexibility. To perform the Brazilian rotation, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your arms extended out in front of you. Begin by rotating your hips to the left while keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground. As you do this, allow your rib cage to follow the movement and turn to the left as well. Then, return to the center and repeat the movement to the right. Continue alternating sides for several repetitions.

Overall, spinal undulation and Brazilian rotations are excellent movements to help release back tension and improve overall spinal flexibility. By incorporating these movements into your fitness routine, you can help maintain a healthy spine and body.

Watch The Body Wave Tutorial To Learn Spine Undulation

Brazilian Rotation tutorial