Release Back Tension With Spine Undulation

One of the best ways of releasing back tension is by waving through the spine to help it stay young and flexible. Spine undulation and flow is the essence of life.

When we have physical or emotional trauma and accidents it can change our posture and limit the range of motion in different areas of our body, including our spine. Over time our spine can become rigid and our respiration might become more superficial. The more stress we experience, the tighter we become and less fluid we are in our movements. We can reduce tension in our body by increasing spinal wave movement.

A Shaolin Monk teacher once said, “Your spine is designed to move like water, not a brick.” In Yoga it is said that you are as young as your spine is flexible. The spine is the main highway for nerve influx and also for kundalini energy.

When practicing spinal wave or undulation movement you can improve the range of motion of your spine. This can lead to greater strength, power, mobility and endurance for a wide range of activities from surfing to martial art, dancing, climbing, playing…

Spine undulation is performed in many styles of dance.

Watch The Body Wave Tutorial To Learn Spine Undulation

Waving through the spine can also be practiced from different yoga poses such as cat and cow and can be integrated when you transition from downward dog to upward dog. This technique will enhance body awareness and also support the spine by learning how to engage deep core muscle to move more freely.

Another movement I really like to loosen up the spine while standing up is the Brazilian rotation. It’s a great way to learn how to move the rib cage and hips at the same time.

Brazilian Rotation tutorial

I am looking forward to hear back from you and know if these movements help release some tension in your body.


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