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Best Mobility and Strengthening Exercises: Video Guides For Stretches

How do I maintain a strong healthy body? Let’s explore ways to stay, mobile, strong and flexible together.

During this workshop Veronique will lead you through her own healing experience with all the injuries she suffered and her experience as a Health and Fitness expert for the last 16+ years. We will explore how injuries can be prevented, how we can get stronger and heal past injuries. We will be exploring breath, posture, and learning about how the human body works. My goal is to educate you to be your own best advocate, to know what to do to get stronger and feel confident in your body. We will learn simple biomechanics principles that will help you know what to do.

Through the years I’ve accumulated a lot of knowledge and have also experimented on myself and others. I can teach you proper biomechanics to help you release pain and tension in your body. I also know how to get strong and prevent injuries. Let’s explore this together!

10 Best Mobility Exercises

10 Best Strengthening Stretches


10 Favourite Stretches