Babies and children are connected to the ground. As we age we lose that connection and eventually acquire the fear of falling. Movements are often taken for granted; they can become harder with age, injury or weight gain. Do you want to learn different ways to get up from the ground safely?

Video Tutorial

I have been teaching group classes with senior participants and some of them have been asking me how to get up from the ground safely. I recorded a video to demonstrate a couple of variations.

How to get up safely from the ground?

Sit and Stand Test to predict longevity

I have just discovered a longevity test called the Sit down, Stand up Test. This test has been created by a team of Brazilian researchers and recently written in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology. It has been proven to predict how long you will live or won’t, depend on how you can get up from the floor. Sitting and standing from the floor require flexibility, balance, motor coordination and muscle power. It is also relevant to our autonomy. “The ability to rise from the floor reflects muscle strength, coordination, balance, and flexibility needed for getting up out of a chair, bending over to pick up an item, and various other daily activities and is also tied to risk of fall.

We keep hearing how important it is to exercise and I hope this test will encourage people to stay active as they age. As Berlacher said. “The test may be most valuable as a tool for primary care physicians to show patients the need to work on their health.”

With proper strengthening exercises, technique and stretches you can gain the confidence you deserve. It is important to regularly practice ways to keep your body moving.

Some exercises can help to strengthen your lower body: sit and stand (squat), Lunges, Bridges, Wall squat, etc. Check in with your personal trainer to make sure you have proper form and to help you to perform the movement in an effective progression.