Going to the farm and at the zoo plan class

When my kids were younger I thought it would be fun to teach toddler and parents Yoga. I did a Rainbow kids training in Vancouver and spent a lot of time putting my class lessons together and I want to share them with you. I believe that kids Yoga needs to be fun, educational and interactive. This class was a parent participation class that was 45 minutes long. I have 6 different lesson plans that I want to share with you, they all have a different theme.  The first one I shared was “In the garden”. The second plan lesson I shared was “African Safari”.  The third one was “Going into Space theme.” The fourth Yoga class plan I shared was “Going at the Zoo and at The farm”. The Fifth Yoga class plan is “Going to the beach/ocean.” The last kid yoga plan class is “Weather and Season” theme.

When I teach little kids I first talk about my expectations: keep our hands to ourselves, use our words, say “Excuse me” and wait for our turn before talking and of course have fun. In the Rainbow Kids Yoga teacher training, we were placing our Yoga mats in a big circle all overlapping each other’s mat. I really like this way of setting up the class and usually had parent and kid using the same mat. I also tried to add different values to the theme. I would love to hear what you think about theses lesson plans and get feedback once you try teaching them.

Starting the class sitting in a cercle with the Song: Rub your hand by Karma Kids Yoga

Value: Helpfulness
I ask the kids; how do it feel when you help at home?
How can you help, lend a hand and make a contribution?
What other words mean the same thing than helpfulness? Appreciation, usefulness, kindness, giving…

Poses with farm themes

Scarecrow – Mountain Pose (with arms slightly extended like a scarecrow)
Tree Pose
Horse – plié squat
Barn – Triangle Pose
Farmer Driving a Tractor – Chair Pose (hands on wheel driving tractor.  Beep!)
Duck – Squat Pose (Waddle like a duck in squat position.  Quack, quack!)
Dog – Downward-Facing Dog Pose
Donkey – Handstand Prep (Carefully kick-up each leg like a donkey.  Hee haw!)
Goose – Pigeon Pose (Relax in Pigeon Pose for a moment.  Honk, honk!)
Mouse – Child’s Pose (Take a few deep breaths in Child’s Pose.  Squeak!)
Cat – Cat Pose (Stretch up like a cat on hands-and-knees.  Meow!)
Cow – Cow Pose (Lift head while on hands-and-knees.  Moo!)
Pig – Knees to Chest (rolling in the mud.  Oink!)


Brown bear: Spread your legs wide, because brown bears are B-I-G! And, brown bears have long claws that they use for fishing. Bend at the waist and start fishing like a brown bear. Bears also pick berries to eat. Walk.
Flamingo: Did you know that flamingos often stand on one leg? They even sleep on one leg, flap your flamingo wings!
Take a deep breath in, open your mouth wide and let out a great, big, friendly lion R-O-A-R! Repeat 2x. (Pose benefits: releases tension and calms the mind)
Elephant – Wide-Legged Standing Forward Bend, making trunk with arms
Crocodile – Plank Pose or on your belly
Tiger – Cat Pose
Hippo – try to make the biggest mouth you can.


Song I like using with the theme

Old MacYogi from Sammie Haynes, album I Grow with Yoga
I know a Chicken from The Laurie Berkner Band, album The Best of the Laurie Berkner Band
Old MacDonald had a farm from the Countdown kids, album 30 Toddler songs
Old MacDonald had a band from Rafi, album Baby Beluga
Going to the Zoo Tomorrow from Rafi, album Baby Beluga
Head Shoulder Yoga Pose, from Kidding around Yoga, album Music for Little Yogis
Massage Train, from Kidding around Yoga, album Music for Little Yogis

Book: Zoo Zen