Can you believe 2018 is almost over?

It flew by for me, what about you?

Take a deep breath and ask yourself

How do I want to feel in 2019?

Starting right now and moving forward?

I want 2019 to be a transformational year. As most of you know, I am currently enrolled in a three-year Practitioners Training program to become a Therapeutic Counselor with Clearmind. I’ve started to peel off layers of myself and look at my beliefs and the different ideas about myself I created early in my life. I want to keep growing into the person I want to be and my goal for this first year of my program is to remain peaceful and centered.

New Years resolutions are great opportunities to write down intentions and goals for the upcoming year. I love making resolutions and every year I refine my process a little bit more. Last year I found Core Desire Feeling program by Danielle Laporte and it really inspired me. Danielle taught me that:

“Knowing how you actually want to feel is the most potent form of clarity that you can have.”

If you don’t know how to start, pick the 3 areas of your life that are the most important to you; (for example: relationship, work, health…) and then pick a feeling for each area of life. That will be your 3 Core Desired Feelings for the New Year.

Taking the time to choose your Core Desire Feeling will helps you align with how you want to feel. Setting this intention is powerful and important to have clear direction of where you want to go into your life. Choose how you want to feel, and move in the direction of it. You can also set your goals around your Core Desire Feeling. I also like to remind myself of my core desire feeling on a daily base, like a mantra. It can help you to make clearer decisions and to return to your center. 

These are my three Core Desired Feelings:

Acceptance also called an agreement
Accepting the present moment and  what’s happening without attempting to change it or protest it; see the positive, and choose a peaceful state of mind; instead of fighting against it, be miserable, and struggle against the universe. Acceptance invite us to find the lesson or purpose behind every challenge to help you embrace it instead of fighting it. Choose not to judge what happens to you. Instead, believe that everything happens for a reason and that better things will always follow. That’s the beginning of true acceptance.
 Buddhism‘s first noble truth, “All life is suffering”, invites people to accept that suffering is a natural part of life. Radical acceptance is about accepting life on life’s terms and not resisting what you cannot or choose not to change. Radical acceptance is about saying yes to life, just as it is.  When you practice acceptance, you are still disappointed, sad, and perhaps fearful in such situations, but you don’t add the pain of non-acceptance to those emotions and make things worse. Practicing acceptance in these situations also helps you prepare for more difficult circumstances. In order to move on, we must first acknowledge what’s happening now. Acceptance is acknowledging what’s already happened. Do not confuse with approval. Approval is consenting to more of it in the future. Failing to accept reality creates suffering where there’s already pain. It creates confusion where there can be clarity, anguish where there can be peace. We don’t accept things in order to change what’s happening, nor do we do it in order to feel better about it. We accept because it’s the only logical thing to do. Whatever is happening is happening; whatever occurred already occurred. We embrace reality because it’s already here, right now, and resisting it won’t make it go away.  What becomes possible when you release your ideas about what should be and embrace what is instead? Acceptance is an active process, one that must be practiced consciously. Practice compassion to yourself alongside acceptance. 

Light Hearted

To feel free, happy and playful. Being easygoing, cheerful, optimistic and hopeful.


Feeling affection and tenderness. The act of love is when you care about other people happiness, safety, and health, because you truly want the best for them.  Love is a very selfless act; love is giving away the last piece of cake, no matter how much you want it, love is giving your whole self and not holding back, love is commitment, love is that tingly feeling you get and you don’t know why, love is looking forward to waking up early in the morning, making yourself vulnerable to someone, to share experiences, pleasures, problems and pain. Love is the deepest level of emotional connection between people.

Vibrant and Alive! (Okay, I cheated and had more than three!)

Filled with energy, glowing, healthy.

After I chose my Core Desire Feelings, I wrote down my intentions. These are intentions for what I want more of in my life in 2019.

This list are a reminder to guide me throughout 2019.

  • Dream
  • Meditate
  • Be present
  • Be in nature
  • Be generous
  • Rest, relax, read
  • Practice gratitude
  • Be calm, joyful and center
  • Have faith, trust the process
  • Love what I see in the mirror
  • Complete the Course of Miracles
  • Be feminine, romantic and sensual
  • Meet new people, make new friends
  • Buy less, choose well, embrace simplicity
  • Embrace a mindset of learning; be a beginner
  • Change your relationship with time, no more scarcity
  • Follow my heart, be authentic and vulnerable; choose to stay open.
  • Having courage to speak up from my heart; limit assumptions, instead be open, communicate and take initiative

I H.O.P.E (helping other people evolve) everyone can envision a wonderful 2019. Let me know if you need any help achieving your health and fitness goals. Contact me at

Peace Bliss and Love,


PS: I am also super excited about the upcoming Spring 2019, 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training.