Juicing is part of my lifestyle – but it wasn’t always like this. When I was still really new to the fitness world, I sought the opinion of other fitness professionals to help me achieve my goal of having a lean and strong body. I heard so many different opinions and advice; one can easily lose her way. One thing that I’ve been told was to stay away from juicing because it contains too much sugar and calories. That it was better to consume the fruit whole to have all the fiber content instead.

Since then, I’ve kept seeking other professional advice but also followed what feels right for me. I have watched a couple documentaries that changed my view about juicing: Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and Gerson Miracle. I highly recommend both of these documentaries.

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead is about an Australian, Joe Cross, who is overweight and on heavy medication when he comes to the United States to do a six-month juicing fast. Along his way across the USA, he educates and inspires people to transform their life through juicing. Joe totally transforms his life. This movie is a must-see.

The Gerson Miracle

The Gerson Miracle tells the unique journey of Dr. Gerson, who cured a patient of cancer at the beginning of the 21th century. His daughter took over his research and still cumulates records of patients who have cured their cancer. His cure is based on the fact that the body can be detoxified by drinking 13 juices a day with another cleansing treatment like a coffee enema.

The Benefits of Fresh Juice For Your Fitness Regime

After watching these documentaries, I began researching what kind of juicer I should buy. Dr. Gerson used a Norwalk juicer. The thought of spending a couple thousand dollars turned me off and I found the press portion of the juicer too dangerous around little kids. We settled for a Green Star Juicer from Juicerville. We have been juicing during the summer and fall when we have an abundance of fresh, organic produce from our garden to juice with.

I love the taste and believe juice is medicine for my body and soul. I feel so energized when I drink a juice and can be active without needing much time to digest. I choose juicing not for weight loss but to nourish and replenish my body. I am convinced I recover faster when I juice because my body gets all the nutrients it needs to thrive. Check out Juicerville to learn more about juicer and purchase your juicer.

If you like juice but don’t have time or energy to do it yourself. There is a juicing service in Nanaimo call Good Life Juice. Check them out!

Hope you enjoy reading this blog.

With gratitude, Vero

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