Food Journaling Versus Calorie Counting

Food journaling is the new trend to lose weight. Have you ever counted your calorie intake? Did you know that not every calorie count as the same? Some of you might wonder why I don’t put much emphasis on calorie counting; not every calorie equals the same and breakdown equally inside your body. Food is more than calories, it is nutrients, vitamins, fiber, anti-oxidants and super-foods.

What Is Food Journaling?

Food journaling is quite simple: Write down everything you eat and the size of the portion. You can even add the time you ate, with who you ate, the mood you were in when you ate. For example: Were you angry, bored, lonely, happy, hungry, full, satisfied, sick? Another thing you can add to your journaling is add the way the food made you feel. Did it give you belly cramps, gas, made you cranky, fatigued, energized? After a while it will be easier to figure out how food affects you and which one could be a good idea to eliminate from your diet. This will bring awareness to what you are putting into your mouth and you will be able to sit down and monitor your diet better

Reasons To Try Food Journaling

  1. To bring awareness into your eating habits. Then to be able to make better choices. Instead of concentrating on calorie counting you can see what your habits are, find the trigger and reprogram yourself to have healthier eating habits.
  2. Calorie counting is not accurate; “Calorie information on packaged foods is legally allowed to be off by 20%. Restaurant menus have also been shown to be pretty far off the mark in the calorie estimates they print.” Are you surprised about that? (
  3. Calories intake changes daily. Depending on how much you move, how much you think because your brain requires calories… There are so many different factors that can determine how many calories you need.
  4. Calorie counting doesn’t account for the difference between whole food versus processed food. The quality of the food should be the most important thing and this can be neglected when you focus on calorie counting.
  5. Counting calories can become compulsive, you can lose the pleasure of eating and it doesn’t teach you much.

Having a food journal is only a temporary thing to bring awareness, to share with others and seek help. Once you find your habits you can get a healthier eating habit and stop journaling.

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